Is MacBook Air Good for Gaming in 2022? Special post for Game Lovers

There’s no doubt that MacBook and gaming go together like oil and water. Both markets have very different consumers in mind, so the fact that Apple is not making a big name for itself in the gaming community should come as a surprise to almost none.

In general, gamers are looking for machines with powerful GPUs and CPUs (the more cores the better), but Macs tend to be fairly limited in this respect because they’re designed to handle massive software loads rather than to out pour hardware power.

This doesn’t mean you can’t play any games on an Apple computer – a lot of modern titles perform alright on even older models – but if you’ve got your heart set on playing only brand-new releases at high graphic settings, then you might be disappointed. For example, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain works incredibly well on my 2010 Air, but Battlefield 1 is so laggy that I have to play it at about 30 FPS, which is just enough frame rate for me!

Is MacBook Air Good for Gaming? Truth behind the scene

Apple has never been a major player in the gaming world. While there are millions of Apple users, Macs are not exactly the first choice of gaming-oriented folks. But the Mac is a powerful machine that can handle games and more.

Here, we will take a look at the MacBook Air and whether it can be used for gaming. So, is MacBook Air good for gaming? Yes and no. This is a matter of perspective. For most people, MacBook Air is not good for gaming – but for a specific audience, MacBook Air is the best for gaming.

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MacBook Air(s) are not built for gaming

MacBook Air is not the laptop you want to buy if you are a gamer. But why? MacBook Air is mainly a laptop that is designed to be light and small. It lacks the usual gaming hardware and support. Your MacBook Air may have a great processor, awesome graphics card, and a high-end keyboard, but it will not be able to perform well in terms of gaming due to its hardware limitations.

MacBook Air(s) are not built for gaming: Perhaps Yes

The MacBook Air is a computer that was built to be a compact, portable machine that handles all the basic tasks easily. It was not built to be a gaming machine, where you need a lot of RAM, a lot of CPU, a lot of VRAM and a lot of storage at the same time. But you can still game on a MacBook Air. In fact, a lot of people do. It all comes down to how you prioritize your needs, and how you make it work for you.

Games Where MacBook Air Does Well

Since the MacBook Air is a slim-built laptop, it’s understandable that it can’t handle very heavy games. But surprisingly, there are some MacBook Air games that you can play without any lag. Here are some of them:

Lego Worlds This game is a fun and a creative game where you can build any world you want with the Lego characters. All you have to do is to discover the game and build a world you want. If you want to play this game, a MacBook Air would be a suitable machine, as it won’t let you lag behind while building a world.

Is the New MacBook Air M1 Good for Gaming or Not?

Is MacBook Air Good for Gaming in 2022?

The new MacBook Air is an object of desire, no doubt. But can it really be a good game machine? With a Sky lake processor, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD, the MacBook Air is a powerhouse of a computer. The MacBook Air has always been a strong machine, but it doesn’t really have the graphics power to run some of the more powerful games out there.

The MacBook Air comes with an Intel HD Graphics 6000 card, which is sufficient for most games. However, if you want to get into serious graphics work, it’s not going to be much help.

Final Thinking

So is the MacBook Air a good gaming notebook? Well, yeah, but to a very small extent. The answer to that question is less of a yes and more of a no. Logically, I’d say yes you can use the Air for gaming, only at low settings though. But it’s not ideal because Apple never designed these notebooks specifically for gaming.

While there are a handful of games that work decently on them, others don’t run well because either the hardware or software isn’t powerful enough for it.

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