How to Make Laptop Faster For Gaming

 Are you worried from the slow speed and performance of your laptop?.

Is it looks difficult and complicated to play games on it?

Are you thinking to buy a new PC or laptop for gaming?

Wait! Just a second, have a look at all the suggestions given below to boost up the speed and performance of your laptop. I hope that these techniques will really help you to solve your problem. How to make a laptop faster for gaming

If you are fond of gaming and love to play games on laptop, so definitely you would love to know  about such techniques that are useful to improve the speed of your laptop. These techniques are really amazing and work like magic.

To play games on the laptop has been the activity of youngsters since years. Nowadays, children also play games on laptop due to innovation in technology. But if you are facing FPS means frames per second, in other words, your game slows down due to not enough power in your laptop to run it smoothly. I have brought some tricks for you to resolve this issue. How to make a laptop faster for gaming

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Change your laptop screen resolution: 

It is a very genuine and reliable trick to make your laptop faster because decrease in screen size will use fewer pixels. It will increase and boost the performance and speed of your laptop automatically.

Protect your laptop:



First, you have to use your laptop very carefully. You have to protect your laptop from dust and dirt. Because invisible dirt particles can get inside the laptop and block to get air  inside in. It results in the overheating of the laptop and affects its speed.  You have to keep this thing in your mind that no dust, dirt or edible thing should be around you while playing games on laptop.

Uninstall unnecessary apps:

Don’t forget to stop all the apps that are running in background. These apps  such as location, maps play a vital role in lessen the speed of your laptop. If you want to know about how to improve gaming performance on laptop, so don’t hesitate to uninstall the useless apps from your laptop.

Insert an SSD card:

It is better to insert an SSD card for making the laptop storage more spacious. Laptops of 128 GB and 560 GB are enough for inserting in laptop. If you want to play such games that take much space in laptop ,install these games on SSD card to play them smoothly with high speed.

Check the setting of games: 

It is also a good trick to check the setting of the game which you are going to play. Mostly games give suggestions to their users to change their mode from ultra, simple, high and normal. You can check and do this by going in the settings of the game. You can change their graphic settings and texture and use it according to your laptop.

Strong internet connection:

If you are fond of playing online games then  make sure of this thing that your internet connection should be faster enough to run these type of games. Mostly LAN is best for such type of games instead of working Wi-Fi. Slow Wi-Fi also makes speed of laptop as well as its performance too.

Install a useful antivirus app:

Install an antivirus app in your laptop helps to boost up the speed of laptop as it stops all the running apps in background. It also plays a vital role to remove the trash from your laptop. But don’t forget to stop this antivirus app before starting and playing game on your laptop.

Clean hard drive of your laptop to increase speed:

How to make a laptop faster for gaming

Clean hard drive of your laptop such as keyboard and mouse  is as necessary as to install an antivirus app to remove trash files. Because dust and dirt particles don’t allow the fans of laptop to work accordingly and this causes slowness in speed and performance of the laptop.

Update drivers by using driver boosters: 

To boost up the speed and performance of your  laptop use driver boosters to stop unnecessary apps. These apps affect the speed of the laptop by running in background. This driver booster is also used to update all other drives in laptop such as graphics cards  and RAM etc.

Update windows:

If you are interested in playing games, then it is necessary for you to update your windows from time to time. Although all updates aren’t useful for the life of laptop, but sometimes it is necessary to update it to make your laptop speedy.

Change windows setting to MAX: 

As you know that your windows setting is mostly set on default mode. You can change the setting of windows from default mode to MAX. It will really increase the speed and performance of your laptop for gaming. You can change this setting by going into window setting.

Enable gaming mode in Windows 10; 

If you are using Windows 10 in your laptop, then you can enable its gaming mode to play games faster. Windows 10 has enabled its gaming mode since mid 2019. Your laptop should be smart enough to enable gaming mode while playing games. Gaming mode stops all unnecessary apps that are running in background that decrease the speed and performance of laptop during gaming.

Change the mode of battery: 

How to make a laptop faster for gaming

If you have changed the setting of windows to MAX, then don’t forget to change the mode of your battery . As battery is considered the life of laptop, so it’ll definitely affect the performance of laptop. All cards are processed and verified through our trusted payment service provider Ecopay. Take it to high performance. It’ll really help to boost the speed and performance of laptop.

Don’t forget to change the setting after playing games.

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How to make your laptop faster for gaming This is the list of all these tips and tricks that will help you to increase the speed and boost the performance of your laptop as well. Don’t forget to apply these tricks before buying a new laptop or PC just for gaming. Are  you looking to buy the best laptop for gaming 

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