Top Best 5 laptops in the world to buy with incredible features

The laptop has become the demand of this age. This age is known as the age of technology. Everyone whether he is a student, or professional he needs this device to do his tasks with ultra-speed, expandable memory storage, long-lasting battery without any working electricity connection.

To buy a bad laptop is harder now because every laptop has different features according to its model and price. The most difficult thing is to choose The best laptop in so many good laptops.

I am going to describe the 5 best laptops in the world. After knowing about all of them, it will be easy for you to select one of them as your working partner.

Below are details of the Top 5 Best Laptop Brands and also include an answer if you are searching that what is the specification of a good Laptop??

Apple MacBook Air 

Are you having a discussion on the best laptop, so how can you forget the services and inventions of the Apple MacBook Air in this regard? It is surplus from all other laptops due to its stunning and marvelous features.

Its battery timing is up to 10 hours. You can do your tasks on it without worrying about its charging.

MacBook Airs have always maintained their level and unique space in the world of laptops due to its slim design, performance, price and so many other specs. So if you are going to buy a laptop, must consider this in your list.

Top Best 5 laptops in the world to buy with incredible features


Pros :  

  • Great battery timing
  • Do your work without creating any unwanted noise
  • Extra fast and superior in its work

Cons :   

  • The same old design as previous models
  • Designed with the finless ability

Microsoft Surface Laptops 4:


                            In the race of the best laptops in 2022, Microsoft is not so far behind from MacBook Air Pro and in its rivalry, its surface laptop 4 is here to impress you with its incredible features.

  • It has a long-lasting battery, up to 13 hours.
  • Works amazingly with Windows 10 also with all its specs.
  • It can smoothly run your favorite apps.
  • It is really a joy to type on its keyboard for a long time.
  • Its price is also worth buying for every person with a tight budget.

Pros :  

  • Ultra-soft keyboard
  • Amazing screen size
  • Affordable price

Cons :   

  • Fewer ports with it
  • Leather (Alcántara) is not of good quality

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Samsung Galaxy book pro:

When there is a talk about electronic devices, no one can deny the importance and working of Samsung. It is known as the best brand for mobile phones, tablets, air conditioner’s, and other electronic devices. Its galaxy book pro laptops are in great demand due to their amazing battery timing up to  17 hours.

It is designed with special hybrid technology that is the guarantees its fast processing.

It is designed in a classical way and shape, and it is also a reason of customers disliking.

If you are fond of a  classic design laptop them it is best for you. If there is a problem with it its tech support is best.  The experts are just a call away from you in case of any problem with it.

Pros :  

  • Best tech support
  • Sleek and decent design
  • Best for gaming

Cons :  

  • Ultra classic design

Dell XPS 15 (2020):  

                         Dell PX 15 is considered the best dell laptop due to its shape, design, performance. If you are fond of playing games, or you are a graphic designer and video editor, then no other laptop can serve you best like this.

It is really difficult to find any fault in its processing. It is built by a special team of engineers who kept all the things and considerations of customers in mind.

  • Amazing battery timing.
  • The great 15-inch screen is best for display
  • Speakers are set on the upper side of the device to get a clear sound
  • Good Ram and processing

Pros :  

  • FAST processor
  • Amazing battery timing
  • Updated speakers in quality
  • Great screen size

Cons :  

  • GTX is a little weak
  • A little Bit expensive
  • Screen size isn’t suitable for all.

LG gram 17 2021 :

                               If you are in search of such a laptop who is really light-weighted with its big screen. This laptop is waiting for you. The best-selling point of this laptop is its light weightiness. You can carry it anywhere, any time with you.

  • It will not give you any strain of carrying during off and on timings.
  • There is not a pinch of doubt in its 14 hours battery timing. If you are a student, it’s charging is enough for your whole day’s tasks.
  • Its lightweight can’t put its durability in any doubt. Its material is really amazing, and it prevents this laptop from any damage and a drop of dust and tear.
  • It works amazingly and that’s why its price is high.

Pros :

  • Eye-catching design
  • Really lightweight
  • Most suitable for students
  • No noise while working

Cons :

  • Expansive
  • Touchpad needs improvement
  • Gary screen

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Conclusion :

As the laptop has become the need of the day so whenever you go to buy a laptop must keep all the considerations in mind about their functionality, processor, Ram, weight and of course its price too.

I have provided you a list of the best 5 laptops according to their specifications and price. You can buy any of them according to your budget and choice.

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